WHAT is Heiress Productions?

Heiress is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit theatre production company that raises awareness and relief funds for cancer organizations.

WHO are the people behind Heiress?

Co-founders: Laura Faith & Mary Willis White; Board of Directors: Sheila Healy, Gale Kroeger, and Hilary Miller


WHERE is Heiress Productions?

Heiress is based in New York City. We present our productions at Theatre Row in the heart of Times Square.

HOW does Heiress follow their mission?

By partnering with charitable cancer organizations in two ways:

  1. By partnering with one cancer organization for each production and donating a portion of the proceeds to their charitable cause.

  2. By providing free advertising space in Heiress Production playbills to cancer non-profits.

WHAT can I do to join Heiress in their mission?

We invite you to get involved with Heiress by helping fund our productions, volunteering your time, and enjoying our shows.

WHY was Heiress founded?

The co-founders, Laura and Mary Willis wanted to use their passion for theatre to make an impact in the battle against cancer.


From CO-FOUNDER Laura Faith ~

In January of 2002 my mother died after a nine month battle with stage IV melanoma. Almost four years to the day, my younger sister was diagnosed with stage III melanoma. After undergoing complicated surgeries, she is, astonishingly, now cancer free.

Saying the words 'my mom died from cancer' or ‘my 22 year old sister is a cancer survivor' seem small in comparison to the reality of living with cancer in my family. Creating Heiress Productions, Inc. is my reaction - a way to use passions, to heal and to have a positive influence - on the battle against cancer.


From CO-FOUNDER Mary Willis White ~
Advanced technology and the capability of physicians saved my parents' lives.

There's so much story - so much life - behind every cancer diagnosis, treatment program and survivor. The stories of my mother and father have left me forever changed. Part of healing for me is to use my personal skills and passions to make a difference for cancer awareness and research through Heiress Productions, Inc.

Co-founders Laura Faith and Mary Willis White

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